Accessorising Your Bag

Accessorising Your Bag

Putting charms, scarves or key rings on a bag is a bit like marmite. Some people love it, while others believe that a bag – especially a high-end one – should stand on its own.

For a long time I was in the latter category, thinking that any frivolous charm completely undermines the hours of painstaking work put into designing and making the bag. I thought that the product of such a labour of love should speak for itself, untainted by any childish additions.

However, as my collection has expanded over the years, I’ve become more concerned with how I should care for my bags. One aspect I’ve been ruminating over is handles.

Oh, handles. The part of the bag that our hands come into contact with the most. Much like the first crow’s feet that creep onto our face in our mid-twenties, handles are the first part to show any wear and tear on our beloved tote.

With this in mind, I’ve tried and tested ways of reducing any marks, dirt, or darkening of the leather. Regular cleaning and re-conditioning is always recommended, yet these methods merely clean the damage that’s already been done. I wanted a proactive way of preventing the marks in the first place.

Enter the scarf, or twilly, if you’re an Hermès aficionado.

Wrapping a scarf around the handles is an excellent way of both accessorising and protecting your bag. All of a sudden the idea of garnishing my beloved luggage tote didn’t seem so grotesque after all. I was instantly sold.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s some photo inspiration from some very esteemed bag devotees. All photo credit goes to them. Enjoy!


#1 Wrap your handles

These pastel-coloured silk scarves pair beautifully with the soft greys of the Kelly and Birkin. IG Credit: little-miss-clicclac


Accessorise your bag with complementary colours, or wrap in a contrasting colour. Above: happybaggage. Below:



Above: Below:

#2 Tie a Scarf

Alternatively, as a pretty addition, tie it in a neat bow, or just let it hang.

Above: shoepursemomma. Middle: Below:


#3 Add a Fluffy Charm, or Three

Above: Second: Third: Fourth: stylemba.


#4 Hook On A Playful Charm

Below:, Valentino Resort and



If in doubt, go all out.



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